Installation steps

A. Install ChessKast Org app on Organizer device:

  1. Download the apk directly on Org Android device either via browser or via email:
    Click here Download Chesskast APK file
  2. Install this apk on the Organizer's device. Android may warn you about installing APK from unknown sources. You can continue the installation. This App will be useful for setting up the pairings for each round, managing games and receiving alerts etc
  3. Verify that the App has been installed by checking the App tray for "ChessKast Org" App

B. Install ChessKast app on Player devices (Using Windows PC):

  1. IMPORTANT: When the device is started for the 1st time, please skip the Google Account login. Only set up the WiFi. If a Google account has already been setup, then its best to factory reset the device and restart this process, else some security features would not work. Once the app setup is complete, then you can proceed to login to a Google account if you wish and install other Apps from the Play Store.
  2. Please download on your PC. This has scripts and information for installing the ChessKast player apk on individual devices. Download
  3. Extract/Unzip on your computer. This will create a "chesskast" folder
  4. Download the ChessKast apk on your PC: Download
  5. Copy the above ChessKast*.apk into the "chesskast" folder created above.
  6. Now connect each tablet/player device to your computer and enable Enable USB debugging
  7. Double click install_chesskast.bat which is inside the "chesskast" folder. (now it will show a black window and after 30seconds it should say "Success" and automatically close).
  8. Check if the app was installed on the device by looking for "ChessKast" app in the App tray.