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How to create and configure a new event?

  1. Enter a name for the event.
    1. If you wish to use only the Organizer App to broadcast the games (one device where a volunteer would enter moves for all games), then choose Using this device.
    2. If you have separate devices for each board, then choose Using individual player devices.

    3. In the next screen, you can configure further details of the event:

      Round number : the next round number that you wish to broadcast

      Broadcast delay : the delay in minute by which you wish to delay each broadcast for online viewers

      Pairings :You can either import pairings from or enter them manually or on Google Sheets via PC.
      1. Chess-Results : Before choosing this option, please ensure the pairings for the above Round number have already been uploaded to After that, enter the chess-results id example tnr290112 and press Import. This will open up a new screen where you can choose the boards you wish to broadcast.

      Press Confirm, and thats all. You are ready to broadcast!

How to print a scoresheet after the game is over?
      Ex: href="
      This will download a printable scoresheet in xls format.

      A sample scoresheet

How do I change the result of a game?

      Open event - Manage Games - and choose the round number & game to edit. Once done changing the result, you can press 'Save' button at the top right.

Will Organizer be able to see the live moves (even if a delay has been set)?

      Yes! The games can be viewed and edited via the Manage Games Screen.

Player has stopped entering the moves. What should I do?

      For a great viewing experience, its important that all moves are accurately entered and the results updated in each game. Once the game is over, you can continue entering the moves on the player's device. Or alternatively, you can set the result in the Player's device and later add the moves from the Org Device - Manage Games screen (see images above)